Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who is on your side?

Today did not start off so well. Andrew got a phone call from someone saying that they were going to bill us for something that was not their legal right to do so. It was a large chunk of money. We were not in the wrong. We had prayed and labored over the decision that was causing this retaliation. And it was really sucking that they were choosing to do this RIGHT. NOW. When we are already feeling pretty challenged by other things.

So what is the natural human response to things when something goes wrong? Why????? It's their fault! I didn't do anything. Why is God doing this to me? etc etc. Oh I did give them a piece of my mind. I did call them up and threaten a bigger lawsuit coming down their pipeline if they didn't rescind this. (Which is legit-you could. They are a ridiculous, sad company.) But on the way home, I thought, you know, I don't want this to escalate into something it does not need to be. 

And I did not believe that it was God doing this to us. Andrew and I both felt confident in the decision we made and prayerfully sought the Lord's guidance. So I knew we were in the right because He doesn't lead you astray. And I also know that God backs you up. He was on my side. 

So we knelt down to pray together. I expressed to the Lord that I knew we followed the right way and that this was not about Him punishing us, but about one man's giant ego and pride. I asked for the Lord to soften his heart that the man would forgive us and that we would not only be exempt from paying the bogus charge, but also be paid for the work we did. I said I knew God was was my Provider and Protector and I asked that if the man chose to not soften his heart that consequences would come to him, not us.

As soon as we were done praying, Andrew decided to call the man right back. It had been no more than 10 to 15 min after the previous phone call I had given him. Without Andrew saying a word, he said he wouldn't bill us and that our check was in the mail. We were SO grateful, and knelt again to give thanks. THAT. WAS. A. MIRACLE.

Why do I share this? Because God is a God of miracles and He is on your side. For us, it was more than a miracle of money, it was a witness and a confidence that what we are doing, our life plan that we are on is in harmony with God's will. So if you get angry about something, or hurt, I suggest as the scriptures do, to pray. You will be grateful, as I am.

Lisa Grace